Classic Bundle


Classic bundle contains:

- Logo Hoodie: We thought it was time to give LADYGANG a little revamp for the season! Considering only ⅓ of us have a college degree, we thought it would be perfect to make our very own collegiate sweatshirts! Printed on a black hoodie with off-white ink, this will be your go-to sweatshirt for traveling, lounging, and hanging out all year long!

- LadyGang Pens: It’s like those cute little days of the week underwear you wore when you were 5, but for cynical working adults. Keltie went through a rigorous process of choosing the perfect pens that are Bujo-friendly, and of course, they are packed with lots of sass. We hope these chic, sparkly pens bring a little bit of joy to a normally monotonous boring ass work week.

- Faces Notebook: If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a Jac Vanek original line drawing, now is your chance! Designed by the emo queen herself, the Faces Notebook will elevate any workspace with a little bit of artistic sass. Moleskine-like notebook with an elastic closure and pen holder.